TAG College Placement - FAQ's

Is it hard to get a scholarship?

Getting a scholarship is a challenging feat, only about 2 percent of high school athletes are awarded scholarship to compete in college (NCAA.org)


What does a scholarship cover?

Division I scholarships can provide tuition/fees, room and board, books and other expense related to attendance at school.

Division II scholarships can cover tuition/fees, room and board, course related books and supplies.  


Are scholarships only offered one year at a time?

Division I scholarships can be multi year scholarships.   A Coach may not decrease your scholarship based on performance, but can for other reasons.


What are the differences in Division I, II and III?

Division III has 443 schools, while Division I has 351 and Division !! 308 schools.

Median Enrollment for the schools are:

Division I - 9,629, offers multiyear, cost of attendance scholarships, over 59 percent of athletes receive athletic aid.

Divison II - 2,485, offers partial athletic scholarships, 62 percent of athletes receive athletic aid.

Division III - 1,748, no athletic scholarships offered, 80 of athletes receive nonathletic aid


Don’t forget about NAIA!   Very comparable to Division II in size and athletic offerings.


How much time will I spend on my sport?

According to the NCAA you will spend approx. 40 hours a week on sport, 34 hours a week on academics, 17 hours on socializing/relaxing and the remainder of your time sleeping.

2/3 of Division I student-athletes spend as much or more time on athletics during their off season.


When will coaches start recruiting me?

There is no ideal timeline - there are many factors going into the recruiting process for coaches such as - the makeup of their current team, their ranking etc.


What is the simplest way to make sure that I am taking the right classes?

There is a simple formula - 4 * 4 = 16

    4 English courses (one per year)

    4 Math courses (one per year)

    4 Science courses (one per year)

    4 Social Science courses (and/or additional) courses (one per year)


When will a coach start contacting me?

It varies per sport - see below:


For sports outside basketball, football and ice hockey.

Electronic Correspondence can start September 1 of Junior Year

You can begin receiving recruiting materials September 1 of Junior Year

You can call the coach at your own expense any time, they may not call you back until September 1st of Junior Year (Lacrosse and Softball you can not call the coach until September 1 of Junior Year)

Official and UnOfficial visits are not allowed before September 1 of Junior Year of during any dead period


How do I know if I am eligible to compete?

All potential student-athletes must register with the Eligibility Center.