TAG College Placement Program for Junior Golfers

This is not an easy task!


Our expert Ryley Hendry has not only been through this process

but has helped hundreds find the RIGHT school for them.  

  • Competitive Junior Golfer (international experience)

  • Received a Full College Golf Scholarship - Top Tier Program

  • Symentra Tour Player (formerly Futures Tour)

  • Over 15 years of experience in the business of Junior Golf

  • Former CEO of a top Academy and Junior Tour where she designed, implemented, monitored the College Placement Program which placed hundreds of students in the RIGHT school for them.

Ryley takes our junior golf clients through the process from start to finish utilizing our College Placement Handbook.  

Areas of Focus:

  • Researching schools and programs

  • Resume and Cover Letter

  • Coach Outreach Plan

  • Swing Video

  • NCAA Compliance and SAT/ACT, TOEFL

  • Tournament Competition recommendations

  • Accountability and Goal setting

  • Scheduling School Visits

  • Weekly Video calls with Education on all things College! (from social media, schools, what being a student-athlete means, time management in the process).

  • Guidance in gathering and processing information to make the final decision on the RIGHT school.


SPEND YOUR TIME ON YOUR GOLF GAME,  we focus on the process and get the best results for you.  

Contact us today and find the RIGHT school for you!

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