The latest trend in attracting students!

Schools are looking for any competitive edge to increase their student body. The latest trend as discussed by the NY Times is water parks/lazy river pools. In the end it is the students who pay for these amenities - are they really needed?

When deciding on a school - TAG College placement suggests the following factors (note - lazy river isn't one of them!)

  • Geography

  • Type of Community (small town to large city)

  • Size of School

  • Academic Offerings

  • Cost

  • Reputation

  • Placement Services

  • Campus Culture

  • Religious Affiliation

For student athlete's the list continues:

  • Facilities

  • Competitive Schedule

  • Coach - philosophy, longevity

  • Ability to play on the team/playing time

  • Geography climate

  • Team chemistry

  • Support Services (academics, physical)

Do no allow unimportant factors to make their way into your decision for a school - lazy rivers, football games - make the choice based on the factors that will help your future!