Want your child to receive an Athletic College Scholarship?

There are many parents and young athletes who want to continue to play their sport in College. What they don't always realize is how competitive this can be. The author of Get your Kids to play these sports to boost their chance at a college scholarship, Jason Notte - really sets it straight.


Here are interesting statistics from his article:

This article also brings up the question of multi-sport or focusing on a single sport. Many parents put their children into one sport too young, which creates issues and does not always work out the way they want, between burn out, lack of talent, or stagnant development - there are issues with not having your child play multiple sports.

Multi-sport seems to allow students to be more well rounded, it allows them to have an outlet outside their "top" sport and allows them to complement the skills of their chosen sport. We have found many College Coaches prefer the multi-sport students versus the early one sport students.

As you can see, getting a College Athletic Scholarship is not as easy as it appears.

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