Kids are expensive, add sports and you have serious spending!

Having played competitive sport growing up, I had an understanding of the cost, but not a true understanding of how much my parents spent so my brother and I could pursue our passion. From countless trips south to compete or practice during the winter months - family vacations which were centered around our competitions, or second jobs, there is a lot of sacrifice that goes into having your child(red) in competitive sports.

From training costs, equipment costs, travel costs, time - how does a parent know if they are doing the right thing? Will it all be worth it?

Luckily for most it pays off in a variety of forms - college scholarships, life lessons, keeping children occupied and (hopefully) out of trouble, and sports teach skills that translate into success in careers. shares an article of the rising cost of youth sports and how they are out of control. Most sports currently are pressuring youth to play year round, not just in season, and gone are the rec league days, now to be recruited, they are promoting the travel teams which in some sports such as baseball can cost over $22,000 per year. This investment for a 12 year old! How do families afford this high price tag?

Dance classes, recitals and competitions for approximately $8400 a year....for a SEVEN (7) year old with costs increasing year over year.

Why do parents do it? Is it for the college scholarship? According to the parents referenced in the article, it is more than just the scholarship it many things - growth, confidence building, relationship development and they wouldn't change it for the world!

Guess I better start saving!!! The question is what sport? and how much?