TAG Tips - Speaking to a Coach

What makes you afraid or scared to speak to a College Coach?

A common mistake we see among our student-athletes is their hesitancy to speak with a coach. A coach first and foremost wants to speak with a well-prepared, well-spoken student-athlete. They will want to speak with their parents, but this is a secondary discussion, student-athletes should lead the conversation with the coach. A parent that takes over the conversation will only hurt the student-athlete.

A student-athlete who can follow these tips will have a seamless fun conversation with the coach and will show them they are responsible and accountable for their future!

To prepare to speak to a coach - make sure you do your research before. Know facts about their school and their program.

Have a list of questions ready to ask the coach (there is no shame in saying, one moment while I check my notes to make sure I have covered all the questions I wanted to ask you).

Get ready for questions they may ask you. We practice these questions ahead of time in our preparation for the student-athlete's calls.

Be concise with your thoughts and communicate confidently.

Let your personality shine! Coaches are not scary creatures. They want to know the real you!

Lastly be prepared to share your up coming tournament schedule.

Speaking with coaches is a chance for you to make the best first impression you can make. Your scores will tell a story, but YOU will tell the complete package!

For any questions or advice, please feel free to reach out to us - rhendry@theadvismentgroup.com (TAG College Placement).