TAG Tips - Social Media Use

Social Media plays an integral role in the lives of not only young people today, but to all generations. It is a great connection tool, can be an awesome way to communicate and allows us to experience things we otherwise may not have.

People love posting about their lives, from the food they eat, to a funny situation or a beautiful day. It is typically real life as they happen moments.

One concern is to make sure you are in control of your posts and to be aware of the situations you are in when it comes to your friends or someone you are acquainted with are posting which can involved you.

Social media is a key part of the recruiting process not only for college scholarships, but later in life for employment opportunities as well.

We speak to our student-athletes frequently about social media use, privacy (there is NO privacy in the world) and how to use social media to their benefit. And of course, WHAT NOT TO DO.

Here are our thoughts and rules when it comes to Social Media.

Privacy – there is none! But you can set privacy settings on each social media platform, we suggest doing this. And Parents – we suggest you monitor the online activity of your child.

Keep it classy – by this we mean, no obscene language, no inappropriate remarks. Show respect and common courtesy for all. It is ok to not agree with a thought, but don’t belittle someone for posting their opinion.

Follow the Law – This means, if you are not of legal age to drink – don’t post pictures of you drinking. Selfies are great, everyone loves them….just don’t do them while driving.

Show how hard you are working – post the pictures of you from a sweaty gym sessions, or hard day on the course. Maybe even some of your favorite motivating sayings.

Don’t post excuses as to why things didn’t turn out the way you wanted, or you didn’t shoot the score, post about how you are going to improve next time, or what went well.

Encourage others – and they will encourage you back! Using the platform as a positive tool, where you can show gratitude to others and have a positive effect on the world.

Social media is how you create your own brand. If you post pictures of you doing things such as drinking, smoking or other behavior that reflects poorly on you and it will stick with you. It may affect the decision of a college coach, a potential sponsor or a even a future employment opportunity. There are numerous examples on the internet of superstar athletes that have lost millions or lost the appreciate of fans due to an inappropriate tweet or picture posted.

In this day and age – you must manage your brand and social media can make or break you.

Don’t be an example on the internet! Keep in mind the above tips and manage your brand!