Don't freak out when a coach is following you

I can still remember one of the first times a coach watched me at a tournament. Not only did I have the pressure I put on myself to perform, but I had another level of pressure with a College Coach watching.

As a junior golfer, we hold College Coaches in the highest regard. You want to impress them enough that they want YOU to play on their team. They hold your future in your hands......that's the thought, but now looking back, I can tell you that isn't the case. You hold your future in your hands.

This is your time to shine - to show off your hard work and personality. My main piece of advice is to breath and be you! You have earned the Coach watching you play!

Here are factors to keep in mind when you find yourself in the awesome situation of a College Coach watching you play:


I can't say this enough - breathe and keep your heart rate in check.

Stick to your game plan

Don't try to do a miracle shot or try to "show off" your skills for the coach. Trust me, they would rather watch a boring round of golf with tee to green play!

Stay present and neutral

One swing, one bad round won't end your chances of attending that school. One thing that will hurt your chances are a bad attitude - stay neutral with your body language, actions and words.

Stay Focused

Don't look at them after every shot, stay focused on your game and your play.

Be you

If you speak to your competitors when you play golf, do it, if you are quiet - remain that way. Don't change to be what you think a coach wants you to be


After the round, reflect on how you felt, what you did to overcome the extra nervousness you experienced when a coach watched you play.

This is a great experience and great place to be - enjoy your junior golf career and the College Placement process!

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