an important lesson.

Teaching Self Confidence

How do you support your child and their passion?

Having watched and interacted with many families as their children pursue their passion - I always observe, learn and take notes. What are some things I equate to good behavior? What behavior do I want to avoid as a parent?

Adding to these lessons I have learned in my past, this weekend I learned another valuable lesson - one that I have taken for granted. Although I am competitive and I strive to win - what I was reminded this weekend is that isn’t always about winning.

When you enter your children into sports or extra curricular activities you are giving them the confidence to grow. Your job becomes their support system - sit back, cheer, enoucrage and be there for them!

An organizer at an event I was at this weekend said it well. He said “Parents - congratulations on getting your child here and ready for this. You are giving your children another boost of confidence in life. Now go behind the ropes and cheer them on”.

To the point and sucinct - valid for any age group and any sport.

Let them expierence it and do it themselves as you cheer and encourage them. They will learn and grow - not only in sports but in life.

Support your child with encouragement and keep in mind it isn’t always about winning - it’s a lot about development and self-confidence.

At TAG college placement there are many ways we work with our families and students to promote growth and confidence. For some of our clients speaking to a coach is a challenging, scary task. We work with them to instill confidence in their conversations and communications with coaches. We encourage them, practice and prepare for these conversations. We become their support system.

Winning is great - but don’t forget to see the other benefits to your efforts, they may actually be more important!