The basics of college placement - a TAG College Placement blog series.

One of the hardest things for parents in the college placement process, especially for our international clients who haven’t had the exposure to US college sports system, is understanding exactly what it means to play college sports. And how do you support your child in their quest to play a college sport?

Our Blog series will walk you through the basics of college golf.

TAG Basics Blog Series #1

Key steps, considerations and terms in the College Placement Process.

NCAA Eligibility - making sure you have taken the right classes and completed them in an appropriate time frame. Follow any rule changes the NCAA will implement in the future that will effect your college placement plans.

School Admissions Requirements - outside of the NCAA Eligibility, each school will have a set of admissions requirements. GPA, Test Scores, TOEFL will all be a part of admissions decision. Some schools will consider extra-ciricular actives as well as volunteer work into their decision.

SAT/ACT/TOEFL - When to take it, how to prepare for it, what score you should try to achieve! For some schools there will be minimum score requirements from these test for entry.

Financial Aid - paperwork paperwork paperwork and do you qualify? What is the tuition for your top schools? Make sure you have a good understanding of the financial obligations for your top schools.

Academic Scholarships - can you use your academic results to help offset costs of attending school - what options are available for you?

Golf Program/Sport Program Ability/Fit - Finding the program that is a best fit for you, do you want to go in as the strongest player, or come in a try to earn your spot? Having realistic expectations throughout the process will assist you in finding the best fit program for you.

Golf Program/Sport Program Scholarship - What will be available from the sport program to offset College Tuition? What does it include, make sure you understand the expectations for this scholarship. Is is multi-year or year by year?


Follow us for our blog in this series - the timeline of the college placement process, followed by what it means to play college golf and more.