The ins and outs of the Timeline

One of the questions we are asked day in and day out is Timeline - what exactly is the ideal timeline to work through for the college placement process?

This is a suggested timeline and obviously it may move slower or faster depending on your goals, performance and other factors.

It is never to soon to begin the College Placement process. The longer you leave it and the less prepared you are, the more stress and less options you may have.

9th Grade

  • Understand the NCAA academic compliance needs and make sure you are taking the correct classes

  • Focus on your academics, 9th grade will count for 1/4 of your GPA, same as the 12th grade!

  • Keep track of your time management, set a schedule for how to balance golf and academics so you can preform your best at each.

  • Check in with a guidance counselor to monitor your progression

  • Start to follow College Golf - pick 1 - 3 teams of various levels and follow them throughout their year

  • Set a tournament schedule and stick to it. You want to showcase your talent and play on the highest level you can.

10th Grade

  • Start to think about AP Classes and what ones you will take.

  • Continue to monitor Academic performance and check in our your track for compliance.

  • Start to understand and learn about University Academic Programs - majors that are offered and may interest you.

  • Set and Monitor your Golf Goals - play a strong tournament schedule - AJGA, USGA and select events.

  • Begin to create your School List - decide what factors will be important to you.

  • Prepare your resume and send out initial copies with your tournament schedule listed.

  • Call your top schools and introduce yourself to the coach.

11th Grade

  • Take the SAT/ACT or TOEFL (if necessary) multiple times

  • Stay on top of your Academic GPA and do the best you can to maintain your highest GPA.

  • Register for the NCAA Eligibility Center.

  • Send our your resume and tournament schedule to your school list.

  • Continue to add schools, evaluate and modify your school list.

  • Maintain a competitive Tournament schedule even through the academic year.

  • Monitor your core course requirements for the NCAA.

  • Begin to communicate with coaches via email and phone to start to narrow down your choices.

12th Grade

  • Golf has two signing periods - early signing (fall) or late signing (spring). Sign the NLI (National Letter of Intent).

  • Take 5 official visits.

  • Retake SAT/ACT if needed.

  • Complete your NCAA course requirements.

  • Finalize the final steps of the NCAA Eligibility Center

  • Golf has two signing periods - early signing (fall) or late signing (spring). Sign the NLI (National Letter of Intent).

  • Send final transcripts to your school.


Follow us for our blog in this series - the timeline of the college placement process, followed by what it means to play college golf and more.