What factors are you considering when choosing your school?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a school and it is important to think about what will drive your decision.

At TAG College Placement we break down Finding the Right School to four areas - academics, athletics, social and financial.

We briefly discuss the four components below. When working with a student and their family we create an understanding of what factors are important and begin the narrow down school choices until we find the right school for each individual.

Academics - What are the requirements? How will I fit into the school? What majors are offered? What academic support is offered? As a student how will I fit into the school?

Athletics - Where do I fit on the golf team? What is the coaching philosophy? How is their strength of schedule? Do I fit in with their team? What is the team culture? Where do they practice? What facilities do they use? What were the previous results of the program?

Social Considerations - Is the school big or small? Where is the location? Do I need a car? How do the students do with the balance of school, sport and social life?

Financial Considerations - Am I receiving a scholarship? What funds do I have to pay yearly? Is that within my budget?