Are tournaments important to College Coaches?

A question we get asked frequently! Tournament participation is vital in the College Placement Process.

Coaches want to see your results from a competitive setting. They want to make sure the swing video you sent them translates to the course, they want to watch body language, they want to see your attitude, do you stick with your routine whether you are playing well or poorly? Tournaments tell coaches a lot about you as a player! Coaches travel domestically and internationally throughout the year (with heavy recruiting schedules in the summer) to watch potential student-athletes play. When you are setting your tournament schedule here are factors to consider - the goal is to have your best results and maximize your exposure to College Coaches.

  • Play where Coaches Attend - Most tours and tournaments list the coaches in attendance, this will give you an idea of the likelihood of coaches attending the event.

  • Play where you have a chance of winning - winning results are great for a coach to see, it shows you know how to win. As you win at each level, continue to challenge yourself and move up to the next level of competition.

  • Find courses that give you the opportunity to post your lowest scores - some courses may set up better for your game - take advantage of this!

  • Find tournaments near the area you may wish to go to school - College Coaches attend many of the major events throughout the year, however if you currently live on the East Coast but really want to attend school on the West Coast - our suggestion is to play some events in that area.

  • Play the highest level of competition you can - the higher level of competition and higher finishes will result in more college opportunities.

  • Stay tournament ready and play events throughout the year - this will help prepare your for college and shows a coach you are committed and focused on playing golf!

  • Don't forget - Prepare for the events - Are you set up for success? Have you been practicing? How many tournaments are you playing in a row? Can you play one or two practice rounds? All factors to consider when building your schedule.

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