What should I be doing this Summer?

Schools out - but that doesn't mean the College Placement stops. In fact summer is one of the most important times in the recruitment process.

The top five things to make sure you are doing this summer to stay on track for finding your right school!

PLAY TOURNAMENTS - Make sure you are playing tournaments - this is a key component to your college placement process. This helps in the next step - building your college resume.

KEEP YOUR RESUME UPDATED - Update your resume after each tournament. Keeping track of your progress whether a good event or a poor event is important. Every tournament and result tells a story - learn from each experience.

UPDATE COACHES ON YOUR PROGRESS - For the coaches you are in constant contact with, make sure you are updating them after each tournament. As your schedule allows update the schools you are trying to get notice you!

CONTINUE TO RESEARCH SCHOOLS - there is no better time to continue working on your school list and finding out more schools that may be an option. Look at their previous results, check out their academic options and continue to build your safe, stretch and dream schools.

BEGIN TO PREPARE FOR SAT/ACT TESTS - use your time away from school to continue working on your test preparation. If you have already taken the tests, work on the areas you can improve, or begin to prepare to take the test.

Staying on top of the process throughout the summer is a necessity to success!

For any questions, please feel free to contact TAG College Placement.


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