AP Courses - a thing of the past?

Are you taking AP classes? The Washington Post reports many schools in the DC area are working towards a four year plan of eliminating AP (advanced placement) courses because of too much emphasis on test preparation, with the course reconfiguration, they will be able to add more about current events, real world application and prepare students for College more effectively with useful learning.

On the other side of the equation - you have the Non-Profit Organization College Board who say critics are undervaluing the AP class offerings.

As the article states: “... equates to nearly $59 million in tuition savings at highly selective colleges, not to mention the head start these students received in their majors,” particularly in science, technology, engineering and math, the College Board said. “At a time when the placement, credit and admission benefits of AP have never been greater, it’s surprising that these schools would choose to deny their students these advantages.”

The debate will continue on the validity of AP class offerings.

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