The Benefits of College Golf

By Ryley Hendry

TAG College Placement

A stepping stone from playing junior golf to turning professional, College Golf provides an important gateway many students need to succeed.

College Golf allows developing student-athletes to mature at a pace consistent with their physical, emotional and mental development while providing appropriate levels of competition and supervision.

College Golf provides the following benefits:

  • Professional Coaching

  • Supervised Travel

  • Focused Time Management

  • The Experience of Living with Peers

  • Education

  • Competitive Experience

  • Resources to Complement Golf Training

  • Team Bonding Experience

Junior golfers are still developing; they continue to learn from the experience of a seasoned College Coach. The coach will develop and support them throughout their college career as they prepare to turn professional. The best coaches not only focus on their swing, but will show them how to play, think and score around a golf course. They will teach them how to practice to prepare for events and will push them to excel.

There is no question there is a lot of travel involved with playing golf at all levels. Learning how to travel, be on time and follow a schedule is important. College Golf helps to teach the student-athletes how to maximize their time while traveling. In college, this is done while allowing others to deal with the logistical details of travel.

Managing your schedule as a student-athlete is an individual challenge, but the coach will be involved with scheduling workouts, golf practice, qualifying and classes. The student athlete learns how to balance these required commitments with homework, social time and other interests.

The transition from living with parents to living with peers is an important step in the life of young adults. Most schools require students to live on campus their first year, and some even stay on campus throughout their tenure at school – this helps transition the move from parental guidance to true self-sufficiency.

There is a lot to be said for the Education student-athletes receive from the Colleges they attend. Arnold Palmer stated that his college experience taught him a lot in (and out) of the classroom with respect to life skills. Although many aspiring golfers do not want to hear this, not everyone is going to make it as a professional and having a College Education will create opportunities for life after golf.

The transition from Junior Golf to College Golf seems to be on average 2 – 3 shots, so imagine the transition from Junior Golf to Professional Golf. College tournaments are played on challenging top rated golf courses all over the country which are set up to test the skills of the competitors. At the 2018 NCAA Men’s Golf Final the top 14 players were all under par on an extremely challenging golf course. This is evident of the skill levels of college programs. The top player in 2017-18 Men’s College Golf had a stroke average of 68.68 and the top 100 ranked players all had a stroke average under par. On the Women’s side, the top scoring average was 69.76 and the top 25 players had stroke averages of par or better.

Colleges provide all the Resources Student Athletes need; equipment, fitness programs, mental training, nutrition, life skills, and even physical therapy. The student-athletes are well taken care of and learn how to perform at their best.

Junior Golf is primarily an individual sport. There is no team atmosphere, whereas college golf fosters a team atmosphere. The individuals push each other within the team to be the best and they support each other. Every shot matters in team competition, especially when your teammates are counting on you.

Speaking with many tour members, we have never heard a single professional say that they wish they had skipped college.

Hunter Mahan

“It’s an absolute blast, college golf. You’re going tournament to tournament, playing for free, having a great time with a group of guys that you’ll be friends with forever.”

Oklahoma State University

Arnold Palmer

“I have had a love affair with Wake Forest since my undergraduate days, but I didn’t realize until many years later what I had truly learned at Wake Forest, both in and out of the classroom, about the meaning of a productive and meaningful life.”

Wake Forest University

Rickie Fowler

“The OSU golf family is, I feel like, bigger and closer than any other college golf family or team aspect there is out there. You don’t see the crowds that came out at college golf like they did yesterday. It’s a special place, Oklahoma State Golf is. We have our own place in college golf history.”

Oklahoma State University

Dustin Johnson

“I always knew I wanted to play golf and go to college.”

Coastal Carolina University

Phil Mickelson

“I think a college education is important no matter what you do in life.”

Arizona State University

We know there are many paths to reach the professional golf tours, however there is one we strongly believe in – College Golf. It will best prepare you for future success in your golf career and life.

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