6 things to do before you start reaching out coaches

Recruiting is an ongoing process. However, now that summer is wrapping up, a lot of potential student-athletes have completed their summer of competition and are ready to start (or continue) reaching out to college coaches with hopes of receiving a scholarship.

Here are SIX things to do before you start reaching out to coaches:

1. Update your Resume - (see last blog post!)

Your resume should have your most recent results and be updated with your academic information as well. Make sure your resume is complete before you send to any coaches.

2. Research Schools and Programs

Do your homework and target schools that are a good fit for you. Consider your athletic performance, your academic results and important factors that will play a role in your decision in finding the best fit school.

3. Register for the NCAA Eligibility Center

Any easy but necessary step in the process. Put your ID # on your resume. Register here.

4. Know the Recruiting Rules

These rules do change, but know the basics. Understand that if you are a Sophomore, a coach can't call you, or even respond to your email. In most sports electronic correspondence can begin September 1 of your Junior year. Questions - ask us!

5. Understand what is expected of a College- Bound Student-Athlete

Who better to describe this than the NCAA - check out their 2018-19 Student Bound Guide! A lot of pertinent information for prospective Student-athletes and their family. Read it here.

6. Check your Social Media

We could discuss Social Media and its effects at great length. This will be short and sweet. A reminder - potential coaches (also admissions departments) will check you out on social media. Ditch all things negative, and remember this is another way you are portraying your brand!

Set yourself up for success and let us know how we can help!


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