Be You. Do Your Plan.

There is no NORMAL in the Recruiting Process - every student is different! Be You. Do Your Plan!

A question we get asked a lot:

  • What is the timeline?

  • When will I find the right school?

  • When will I have an offer?

  • When will I make my school choice?

The answer is there is no answer - every student has a different normal in the Recruiting Process.

Take for example - Student X, as we will call him. He is a rising superstar in 9th grade who happened to take campus visits and reach out to a select number of coaches (prior to the recruiting rule change) and has committed to a school! What? Yes, a 9th grader who has already committed to a school.

How about Student A. Student A had a great summer their junior year, played well in events over the fall season and committed to a school in January without a campus visit (international student). She liked the coach, liked the school (from her online research and online tour) and liked the location. Committed in January of Junior Year.

Next up is Student Y. Student Y has yet to hit their peak performance in their athletics. Had a solid couple of summers playing tournaments, and is starting senior year this month. Offers are slowly beginning to trickle in from the schools student Y has been in contact with throughout the process. Student Y will more than likely commit and sign the NLI (national letter of intent) in the Early Signing Period this fall.

Student R is an amazing player, unbelievable results and a desire to complete the process early so that the focus can be on academics and training/competition. Student R will visit schools this fall (on admissions tours) and make a decision early 2019. Student R has reached out to coaches and been able to connect with them to get all the answers they need to make their decision.

Student L is feeling behind the ball, a senior with decent results, but not big tournaments, good academics but yet to take the SAT or ACT - just beginning the college process. Student L will work hard throughout the year, play more events and has a goal of signing in Spring - giving student L the opportunity to really research the schools and find the best fit!

Lastly, lets look at Student K. Student K is entering 10th grade, played well in events but needs to play bigger events. Has started the process of understanding and learning about the college system, but will really start most of their recruiting process in one year - after a series of tournaments over the holidays and a slew of tournaments next summer!

The bottom line is this - we can talk about a timeline and show steps each and every year, but it will vary student to student. There are many factors that will contribute to this variance and we embrace the opportunity to work with each student on THEIR plan.

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