7 Ways to show you are committed to becoming a student-athlete!

7 ways to show you are committed to becoming a student-athlete

Being a student-athlete isn’t always glamorous. In fact, it rarely is. Being a successful student-athlete requires a lot of hard work, ethic and discipline. The transition from high school to college is challenging for most, but can be extra challenging for student-athletes as they embark on their collegiate career.

Here are 7 ways to know if you are ready for the next step and playing your sport in college.

  1. Time Management – The NCAA states that a student-athlete spend between 4.4 and 8.6 hours per day on their sport. This also includes the off season. Student-athletes are expected to maintain their academics on top of the time commitment to their sport. Time Management is key for success as a student-athlete. If you are able to manage your time successfully in High School, it will help prepare you for your time as a student-athlete in College.

  2. Academics – The higher your GPA and test results are in high school, the more options you will have for College. The more you can maintain your Academic standing in High School the more prepared you are to succeed in College. The habits you use to study and organize your academics in high school will translate to College. Prepare yourself ahead of time, practice good study habits, strong attendance and work hard in school. It will help with your transition into College.

  3. Independence – In High School you should be independent and handling things on your own. This is how you will know if you are ready for college. How involved are you in the recruiting process, are you still asking your parents to do your work, or ask your teacher a question etc. When you have moved on depending on your parents for simple tasks you will know you are ready for College and your career as a student-athlete.

  4. Competition Level – Are you going to school that fits your athletic ability? Are your expectations on track to get you ready for your collegiate sports experience? Don’t take the summer off before school starts, stay competition ready and prepare yourself for success as a student-athlete.

  5. Accountability – Are you holding yourself accountable or are you waiting for others to hold you accountable? Moving from High School to College is a big step up in responsibility. Hold yourself accountable for the choices you make and always ask yourself how this could affect your future.

  6. Confidence – Are you ready to take charge? Are you confident enough to look people in the eye when speaking to them? Have a firm handshake? These are things that will tell you if you are ready for your next step as a leader on your athletic team.

  7. Finances - You have a plan with your family for the financial side of your College Career. You understand the annual financial commitments for your schooling. You are ready to budget yourself and take control of spending money you will spend while in school. This is important and will not only help you in college, but further into your life. Once habits start they are easy to keep! Budgeting is a good habit to get into and will help you feel less stressed as this will be one area you have control!

Start asking yourself, am I prepared to transition into the College World? What can I do to improve the transition? What are my areas of strength? Where do I need to improve!

The more you are on top of these SEVEN factors, the more time, effort and energy you will have to put towards your sport!

Find the Right School! Prepare yourself!

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