Thinking about a College Tour? Make sure you ask these questions!

Are you going to be visiting Colleges in the near future?

Visiting colleges is a great way to see the School first hand and to receive answers to very important questions!

As the Huffington Posts reports, here are five questions you should ask on your College Visit:

1. What is your four year graduation rate?

Why is this important? It lets you know what the school focuses on. Do they count AP classes? Are students changing majors which causes the delay? Many schools will now share their six year graduation statistics. Jow long it typically takes to graduate will also impact your financial commitment in attending college.

2. Do Graduates find jobs quickly?

This will tell you how well the school is preparing their graduates for the job market and how well they assist with networking, placing students. Every school must have this available.

3. What percentage of class is early decision/action?

This helps understand how competitive the admissions process is for the school and what it will take you for you to get in. Early decisions means you agree to attend the school if admitted. Early Action means you know if you are accepted early in the admissions process but still have until the regular deadline to make your decision. You can learn a schools acceptance rate from the early decision/action group and compare it to regular decision to understand how competitive it is to get in.

4. What is the admissions yield? How many come to the school after being admitted? Most all schools admit more students than they are able to accept so they are not left with a big gap once everyone decides where they are going to want to spend their college career. The more desirable a school, the higher the admissions yield will be.

5. Do you have my name?

Showing demonstrated interest, like taking a college visit will be to your benefit if you are in a competitive admission environment.

College Visits can help you in a lot of ways, you get on campus to see how you like it, you get a first hand understanding of the culture of the school, you can ask the questions you want to ask, you show demonstrated interest and you can really tell if this is somewhere you want to spend the next 4 - 6 years.

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