It's College Essay Time!

As we know, many times a college essay can be the make or break on college admissions. Follow these tips and write your best essay!

The New York Times complied the best tips from experts in college essay writing and we have broken them down below:

  • Tell a Story - don't re-list your resume.

  • Be Passionate.

  • Make your sense of humor shine.

  • Showcase yourself - your beliefs, your character and your life goals.

  • Talk about how you impacted your community and show how you can impact the college community.

  • Show why you are interested in your field of study and what you have done to pursue this interest.

  • Don't forget to say why you want to attend the school (major, culture, geographic, size, alumni).

  • Should go without saying...BUT grammar, spelling and punctuation MUST be correct (make sure your essay is proofread multiple times).

  • Don't use slang, abbreviations or any foul language.

After you have submitted your documents, make sure to respond to admissions staff within 24 hours of them reaching out to you.

Your College Essay should be fun to write and fun to read! Enjoy the process.

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