Effective Preparation is key!

This week, we choose to share with you interesting and informative articles on the College Placement Process. There is a lot of information online, preparation is key! We are here to help and guide you through the process, but you should still be informed!

Do you know how much college costs? Cost is a factor for many families due to the high cost of attending school. US News week breaks down the average cost of attending College in the US.

College Board has very valuable information on their site - here they help you learn the lingo as it pertains to Colleges and admissions.

As an international student - here are four tips to help you select the best school for you. Price (recurring theme in the college selection process), Career Goals, Support Services and Location.

A light-hearted look at one way of doing college tours - via private jet.

Although this was written in 2009, it still applies to the current students. 10 tips for starting your college placement search. Get ready for this process!

Nerdwallet shares their thoughts on 6 ways to guide your college search. A lot of the preparation has to do with organization and knowing what you are looking for.

Here are useful sites in the college research process:

  • www.collegeboard.org

  • www.usnews.com/education

  • www.petersons.com

  • www.princetonreview.com

Information is the key to effective preparation in your college placement search. The online information is extensive, however it can also be overwhelming. Let TAG College Placement assist you and guide you through the process. Contact TAG today!