College Admissions - earning your spot.

With the headlines splashed across the front pages of our newspapers regarding the college admission scandal we are reminded of the pressure students (and parents) face to get admitted into the “best” colleges. We are reminded that some people tend to pay more attention to the name of the school versus the best fit for them.

Like you, we at TAG College Placement want the best for your child. However, what is most important to your child’s future is finding the right school for them, a place where they can thrive and succeed. A place they earn their way into and fit into. College Placement is hard work and we hold students accountable, but it is very rewarding in the end when they commit to the best school for them, a true fit. They become invested in the process, their future and their success.

Their future is based on their strengths and the qualities that they possess. It is also critical to remember that learning how to deal with challenges is an integral part of the maturation process. None of us learn by cutting corners or creating a false narrative.

At TAG College Placement, we stress the fact that college preparation and placement is an individual process during which there is no substitute for integrity and diligence. The selection of the Right school is predicated on an honest evaluation of each student’s abilities, the preparation of their admissions package to present their strengths in the best light, and the individual decision of the best school to attend.

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