Social Media and The Recruiting Process

Social Media continues to increase its role in the recruitment process for junior golfers.

Coaches are asking for your social media handles on questionnaires and they are researching you via social media.

This can be used to your advantage in the process - Social media can be a great tool if used properly!

You should SHOWCASE your talents. You are building your brand - make sure you are able to put a spotlight on your talents and achievements.

Show HOW HARD you are working. Whether it is on the golf course, in the gym, in school etc. As the saying goes "hard work pays off".

CELEBRATE your successes and your achievements. Don't judge yourself up against anyone else, focus on you, your goals and your journey!

Nothing is PRIVATE on social media. Be aware of this fact and make good choices when it comes to your social media accounts and activities.

ENCOURAGE others. Don't engage in cyber bullying, or foul language in any posts. No Coach wants this type of behavior on their team, they want to see a junior golfer who will have a positive impact on their team, someone who exhibits a good attitude.

Congratulate others on their success, don't put them down.

NO EXCUSES. Accountability and Responsibility are key. Maturity goes a long way in the recruiting process. You can post what went wrong, but tell how you are going to fix it for the next time!

Don't forget the College Placement process should be fun, not stressful. Let us help!