5 ways you can support your child in the college placement process.

The College Placement process can be a stressful experience, but it CAN be fun, exciting and great bonding with your child.

Like most, you have supported them relentlessly in their sport, and want to continue your support with the college process. But the college process can seem daunting and knowing where to start is key!

Support them in the process, but hold them accountable and responsible for the process. It's all about the prospective student-athlete and their goals - they should be the one executing the process.

Let them do the work and let them be the one who initiates the conversation with the coaches.

To make this process best for you and your child - follow our five tips below.

1. Do your research.

Knowledge is power in the college placement process. There are many resources that can help guide you through the process. Our favorite is the GolfStat Prep report and the Ping College Golf Guide. They list out a lot of information on the schools and also show the scoring average for the number 1 to number 5 player - this helps your child understand if they can play and contribute to the team!

2. Create your list.

List creation is exciting, it starts to make the process real. The school list should be at least 50 schools, but closer to 75 schools is ideal. This process really helps you to learn more about schools and options. Keep it realistic, always striving for the best option, but also schools within reach!

Once your list is done, you can start communicating and reaching out to schools.

3. Make it fun.

We love to pick out some teams on the list and follow them throughout the season, following their social media, have a contest on picking winner in events, follow individual players, fun activities like this show you the ups and down of college golf and can be motivating to do your best.

If you live in an area where there is a college event being played, go out and watch them and learn from what they do - whether it is warm up, practice rounds or the competitive rounds.

4. Help your child to prepare to receive a "NO" answer.

This is going to happen in the College Process, that dreadful, Thank you but we are full for your year. Or in order to play at XYZ school, we are looking for players that can shoot a certain score. Keep in touch! And it discourages the player......just remind them, this is OK. This is OK and actually better than no response at all, so that school may move off the list, or may be noted to follow up with them after your tournament results improve, or your SAT score comes in. These answers help guide the process!

This also goes back to the list generation - in keeping things realistic based on where your child is with their results.

5. Separate the College Placement Process from tournaments and tournament results.

We see it time and time again, players hit every shot in a tournament round as if it is their one shot at a college scholarship. The player has to be able to trust their practice into their competitive tournament rounds and play for themselves.

Keep reminding your child their future is not on the line with every shot on the golf course. Focus on the process not the outcome!

Keep the college placement process as stress free as you can with these five tips.

We love helping junior golfers find the right school for them - if you need assistance, please reach out to TAG College Placement.

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