TAG College Placement is designed to assist students  and their families navigate the daunting task of selecting the right College.   Through the TAG Process, we  help students identify and select schools that provide them with the best opportunities, athletically, academically and socially.   

The TAG College Placement Process

The TAG College Placement team uses their experience to guide students and families through the overwhelming College Placement Process.    


We understand how challenging, daunting, and stressful the process is for many families and students. We have been through this process, and have helped many others with their decisions.   

Our systematic plan and approach allows you to understand your options and choose the right school.   It is customized to help you navigate the road to becoming a Collegiate Student Athlete.

TAG College Placement advisors connect with students weekly via video conferencing.  During these weekly contacts, our team works with the students to formulate their task list, educate them on process, research schools, and focus on their goals.  The weekly calls are successful and assist our students stay on track and  become more comfortable discusses themselves.   This is good practice for their upcoming conversations with college coaches.   The TAG College Placement program is designed for students to succeed and to also grow and develop during the process.

The TAG College Placement Program includes:


  • Timeline Creation

  • Goal Setting

  • Targeted School List

  • Resume and Cover Letter

  • Education on US College system and process

  • Individualized College Placement Handbook

  • Compliance Assistance

  • Communication Skills and Plan 

  • College Visits*

  • Competition Schedule

*(TAG will also travel with students and/or families)

TAG College Placement requires a commitment from the student-athlete and family to be involved in the process.   We are here to guide, provide direction and assist.

From start to finish, our process can be customized to fit your needs.


Don't let the process overwhelm you, let us help! 

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