Tournament play is a necessary component for earning a college golf scholarship.    Playing the right tournaments are key to your college placement process.  We can help guide you on a tournament schedule and can also book your travel and chaperone when needed.

Don't miss you opportunity to play the right tournaments necessary to impress college coaches.

tournaments and travel

There are many options for junior golf tournaments and as a parents it is hard to know where your child should play.

What events will benefit their game? 

What ranking points should we follow?

How does the AJGA work? 

What tournaments do coaches attend?

How many tournaments should I play?


TAG College Placement uses their junior golf knowledge and experience to help you build the best tournament schedule for your college placement goals.    

The tournament season is split into four segments, Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday Season. We will help you plan accordingly for each season.   Many international students will travel for month long segments to not only get the right tournaments but to also acclimate to the US Culture which helps prepare them for College.  

For International families not familiar with the US, we will arrange the travel details, registration and provide chaperones for the event so that you child can get the exposure to College Coaches they need and deserve.

Our chaperones will handle all details for the junior golfer, from helping them sign in upon arrival, making sure they arrive at the course at the right time, and making sure they are having healthy nutrition.    We know parents can't always make the tournaments; however, we will be there to offer support!    

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